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Brand New Program Introduced to our Line-up!

Soccer Touch Academy will be introducing a brand new program to its series of camps. The Spring Break “Small-Sided Games” program will expand the mainstay philosophies of their programs to live game scenarios. This concept will help players apply technical and tactical focuses to real game scenarios in 4v4, 6v6, and 8v8 format activities. Each day will focus on a different topic in relation to a possession style game. The curriculum that will implemented will allow players to learn not only basic tactical

concepts, but will also introduce “creative play.” This is a program that has stirred some excitement as of recent and now it is being brought in!

If you sign up for both the Small-Sides Games program and our Pre-tryout camp as a package you will receive $20.00 the total amount!

Small-Sided Games $95.00

Pre-Tryout Camp $75.00

Package Discount -$20.00

Total= $150.00

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